Engineered Solutions

At 1934 Armory, we take pride in our commitment to precision and innovation. Our Engineered Solutions represent a model of craftsmanship in firearms manufacturing.

Our expert engineers and machinists dedicate themselves to designing, developing, and producing top-of-the-line gun parts. We specialize in manufacturing diverse gun components, including bolt actions, muzzle brakes and receivers.

This is just a glimpse. We pride ourselves in our expertise in crafting various custom parts and solutions to meet your specific needs. Our skilled team is ready to turn your concepts into reality.

Whether you’re a discerning firearm manufacturer seeking custom components or a professional needing unmatched quality, our Engineered Solutions will exceed your expectations.

Expect nothing less than uncompromising quality and precision in every component we create. Discover the future of firearm manufacturing with 1934 Armory’s Engineered Solutions.

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